How to Personalise Your Uni Room

It’s highly likely that, when you walked into your new campus bedroom for the first time, you felt underwhelmed by it. A bare room with walls you can’t paint can feel like a dull, impersonal space that you’re going to be trapped in for the next year. But fear not – we have some top tips to make your dorm room feel truly your own!

Play with Bedding and Soft Furnishings
Adding colourful or patterned bedsheets to your bed is an easy and fuss-free way to inject personality into your new space. Whether you’re a fan of geometric patterns, are someone who enjoys the retro look or loves to marvel in marble, the perfect sheets to express your individuality are out there.

Once you’ve chosen the ideal bedding, try adding throws and cushions in complementary or contrasting tones to truly personalise your comfort and style.

Banish Bare Walls
Even though you might not be able to use pins, blu-tack, or nails, you can still cover your walls with your favourite photographs and wall art.

By using Command hooks and strips, you can put up fairy lights for a cosy corner, string up garlands and faux flowers, or put up your favourite posters and quotes without damaging the walls. Just make sure you follow the instructions carefully!

If you’re someone who tends to feel homesick, creating a photo wall is a brilliant way to keep a little bit of home with you. Choose a multi-aperture frame for your favourite snaps or get creative with bulldog clips and pegs by sticking them directly to the wall or connecting them with string to create a feature wall where you can easily swap out photos as and when you like.

Try adding a mirror too – not only can it help to decorate your space, but it can also give the illusion that your room is bigger than it is.

Give Your Floor Some Character
Chances are, your new bedroom floor will either be plain wood or covered in an ugly carpet. Cover up that faceless floor by adding a rug that’s more to your taste – choose to go large to cover most of the surface or small for a pop of colour. In winter, you’ll love how a rug can make your room feel warmer and cosier too.

Make Your Desk the Heart of your Room

Let’s face it, you’re probably going to be using your desk a lot, so you might as well make it look stylish whilst keeping it efficient.

Once you’ve found space for your study books, required reading, and stationery, try filling any empty gaps with photos, plants that express who you are or that remind you of home. Be careful not to overdo the decoration on your desk though – you still want it to be functional and practical.

If you want your workspace, or even your shelves or wardrobe, to look truly unique, use washitape to create beautiful designs and patterns along the tabletop or doors. The low-tack backing makes it the perfect choice for damage-free decorating and can be easily removed from furniture when it’s time to move on.

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